My story with law

It has been begun since I was teenager , I remember that day I have wanted to be  a different of all peers , On the other hand I had would like to discover the reality, So I decided read any newspaper to know what is happening around me .

The first thing attract me is politic article , Then civil cases of community, Afterwards poetry article , In that while I was confused due to multiple subjects also I busy in study .

In high school apparently I looked like a lawyer however I always prefer the poet style , In last year I accepted lawyer idea for many reasons -One of them I related the evolution of laws in Saudi Arabia – instead of poet idea.

In first year at university, I have known a lot of press articles and speeches were wrong .
The biggest mistake I have done it is news watched, how is that ? I don’t know, but still truth.

In next year I changed totally, to my mind I have been understanding Saudis lows since that year, and now I am working on huge project, it will be the greatest thing in law history as I hope.

This is my story with law , I always glad to hear any opinion or comment, best regards.