Nonsense lol 😁

Introduction :
Since four weeks ago I have been arranging my squeal among college , home, And English lessons , But I couldn’t, On the Other hand I have four days as weekend and I can not control sleep time .

That is unusual for me, Maybe I arrive to boring situation, Or I have just seen the goal .
I believe in legend of Phoenix , But apparently I have lost the end before beginning of the Caravan of life.

Often I get translation service when I blogged here, However I felt that’s not necessary.
I have attended in online English class, And the teacher was comfortable when she spoke English, I think that give me something you can call it trust treasure , Which make you able to do anything.

Then I decided to rise this website from death, the essential point is the truest, which is in hart before any affections but right light does not shine on it , so I could not feel it.

The  travelers see poor people as simple style , and they see the rich people as couturier style .
And the have admiration altogether, So why we Don’t travel in our harts , bodies, and self ? To know the affections and trust , to absorb the poor and rich . Lightness and darkness the truth of us!

Maybe we learn Ten words or hundred or a thousand , And think we crossed big line but we don’t know how the mind work , and the hart work , so we don’t see the truth.

Look at sky and stars light , it is the space , right?!
Close your eyes and set back a few twenty-dreams with out acceptance…
Look for your moon and mars and sun … look for yourself…
Abandon of all masks as you can ….
Among anger and lough
as same as water and fair ….
Among ill and health
As same as night and morning…

Travel in self , get out of The tiredness of life
Behaved child, and a live , then grow to live as child

Don’t let the darkness camping..
Light a candle, just as the sky ignites the stars to reflect the moon sunlight…