after long while

i have bad times and i am so happy because it has gone same as steam.

i do not know where can i start from?!

Let’s see my smartphone has broken, So i have bout another one But also it has broken after a few hours since i used it.

Ithought it was bad luck or just awfully accidental.

After i accepted that my car was crushed.. i have been looking for acceptable reasons for that until I now.

For this facts and bad accidents, i take off from internet at all.

But i get better now, as you know which does not kill you it make you strong (or something like that)..

Anyway alot of accidents have happened, and i was very casual and so relaxing because i was not know about it.

People tell me : you don’t know? and i answer.:yes

And they thought me jucking 😂😂

That was great time, i back to healthy life, sleep early and wake up early, alot of family time and studies work.

However i get new smart phone and i have adapted with it, So i so sorry about any mistakes in this article

thank you guys for reading and sharing….

Best regards