Review The Cay: The first chapter

In Curacao island, there was a child called Phillip. He was eleven years old, who heard a lot of war stories. as a result, He was so excited. Phillip’s parents had many controversies, The family life was not comfortable at all. Because Phillip`s mother who called Grace had a strong attitude from the whole Island moreover the war.

Also, when Phillip knew the enemies had arrived at the quiet and warm Caribbean. In that morning, Phillip and his Dutch peer Henrik had snuck toward Queen Emma bridge, where saw another curious people. That scene was unusual for them. At that moment, the young boys realized the real mean of war. After all that, the young boys felt frightened and run back home.

Grace had known something wrong that happened for Phillip from his body-language. When the father arrived home from the refinery where he worked, Grace told him what Phillip did. that night was so long, nervous and difficult. In the meantime, Phillip faced the deep fact of war. The first chapter end with a long conversation.

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