Review The Cay: The second chapter

Phillip became more careful and wondered about the war and Germans soldiers, as a result, he had wakened up all that night. In the meantime, his parents had discussed the ability to back home, of- course, Phillip`s father refused the whole idea, because of his work.

At the following days of that, everything on the island had been worst, the freshwater had finished, the vegetables were emptied.
Furthermore, some Chinese soldiers crewed. In other words, life was intolerable there.

After that, Grace had made her decision, she decided to take Phillip back home. Phillip`s father had not any choice, so he approved that. On the other hand, Phillip was so angry, anxious about that. But soon he realized that there was not an option.

In the early morning of Friday, Grace and her son had left the Curacao island on a ship called “S.S Hato” to Miami. That was not easy for poor Phillip. He would not like to abandon his father. All that tripe he stood on the roof and looked at Curacao direction, where his father there.