Morning & Coffee

A lot of people have common habits every morning or morning style like a special kind of breakfast, sports activities. However, nothing like morning’s coffee, it is everywhere. The writer was looking for the morning’s coffee when he found an ancient argument about how far coffee could be harmful.

In addition, old studies tried to relate the coffee with illnesses such as cancer or even heart disease. On the other hand, new studies have not found any connection between coffee and disease. Dr.Hensrud wrote an essay on the Mayo Clinic website. He pointed to the difference between old and new studies. Which is good for all coffee lovers. Dr. Hensrud’s point based on considered that behaviors, which are coffee lovers could be shared like smoking. In other words, the coffee dose does not make any threats to body health. Indeed, it could keep us healthy.

Finally, the writer would like to note that sometimes, we look at one side and careless the other. That will not solve the issues. Exactly, like coffee, we thought it was the problem and forget the real reason, smoking could kill you even when you drink water!

Dr.Hensurd’s essay: clike here

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