The third international war..

Since the first of January, humans have been struggling with a new kind of coronavirus, the World Health Organization had named it COVID-19. According to formal numbers, there are around two million people have effected. WHO mentioned that scientists need to eighteen months at least to discover a medicine.

If we look at COVID-19 reflections on worldwide’s relationships, we will note that the world barely stands up. International markets did not respond to the governmental economic-financial supporting programs, which are huge programs compared with the solutions of the 2008 crisis. Many jobs are in danger, as same as the situation of the global credit. In a way or another, all these actions descript the basic situation of war.

For those reasons, the writer thinks we watch a unique worldwide event, made by nature. Normal solutions will not work. As a legal expert, I would point to the traditional contract theories that have crashed in front of nowadays crisis. The world needs to convenient for an especial world conference to save the nation’s future.

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