The aims value

Last week, I was working on my Podcast program. Actually, I faced some of the technical issues. However, I realized something more important than the podcast. What is this all about it? Why I do that? Then I remembered why I established this blog. It was simple at that moment.

I had established this blog to practice my English. I suppose that the podcast will be helpful to me. English for me is not a tool or just an additional language. It means another level in my career. I would like to mention that sometimes we drive away because we forget the aims. I have heard a lot of experts said we most put the target in someplace we can see it every day

Finally, If you had asked me last week “what is the great achievement in your life”, probably, I would answer I graduated from law school. But today, I will answer that I improved my English. It will come that day I can thank who help me to do that.

The fountain of youth

Would you like to live for a long time? Well, there some studies have conducted by the school of medicine at Boston Unversity. The participants are 70000 females and 1500 males, who also military veterans.

Those studies confirm a kind of relationship between the thinking way and live long. In brief, if you have positive thoughts, you will live for eight decades. On the other hand, if you have negative thoughts, your chance to live long will decrease around 11-15%. Researchers make a survey that can be able to assess the optimism levels of participants.

Finally, I believe that life is a big dream, we can make better. The anxiety would not solve any problem. The positive thinkers who make our life better. For example look at Edison, if he surrendered at the third attempt we would not have found electricity.

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Another mean of beauty..

Dear Readers..

I am so sorry for my absence situations. I was traveling from time to time by a memory trip. I was looking for greatness beyond endless stages!

However, last a few days a friend told me about The songer Adele, and i listen to her songs actually a little of them, I like her voice, I think she collects between beauty & magnificence.

I hadn’t been imagined how i influenced by her song?! befor i heard it!

It was incredible, awesome, i am amazed.

the most song atract me is When we were young, oh my goodness, I am confused about my feel.

I had wondered :did i danced or cried ?!

Before i realized :

It was just a song

there wasn’t any wrong!!!



after long while

i have bad times and i am so happy because it has gone same as steam.

i do not know where can i start from?!

Let’s see my smartphone has broken, So i have bout another one But also it has broken after a few hours since i used it.

Ithought it was bad luck or just awfully accidental.

After i accepted that my car was crushed.. i have been looking for acceptable reasons for that until I now.

For this facts and bad accidents, i take off from internet at all.

But i get better now, as you know which does not kill you it make you strong (or something like that)..

Anyway alot of accidents have happened, and i was very casual and so relaxing because i was not know about it.

People tell me : you don’t know? and i answer.:yes

And they thought me jucking 😂😂

That was great time, i back to healthy life, sleep early and wake up early, alot of family time and studies work.

However i get new smart phone and i have adapted with it, So i so sorry about any mistakes in this article

thank you guys for reading and sharing….

Best regards


Nonsense lol 😁

Introduction :
Since four weeks ago I have been arranging my squeal among college , home, And English lessons , But I couldn’t, On the Other hand I have four days as weekend and I can not control sleep time .

That is unusual for me, Maybe I arrive to boring situation, Or I have just seen the goal .
I believe in legend of Phoenix , But apparently I have lost the end before beginning of the Caravan of life.

Often I get translation service when I blogged here, However I felt that’s not necessary.
I have attended in online English class, And the teacher was comfortable when she spoke English, I think that give me something you can call it trust treasure , Which make you able to do anything.

Then I decided to rise this website from death, the essential point is the truest, which is in hart before any affections but right light does not shine on it , so I could not feel it.

The  travelers see poor people as simple style , and they see the rich people as couturier style .
And the have admiration altogether, So why we Don’t travel in our harts , bodies, and self ? To know the affections and trust , to absorb the poor and rich . Lightness and darkness the truth of us!

Maybe we learn Ten words or hundred or a thousand , And think we crossed big line but we don’t know how the mind work , and the hart work , so we don’t see the truth.

Look at sky and stars light , it is the space , right?!
Close your eyes and set back a few twenty-dreams with out acceptance…
Look for your moon and mars and sun … look for yourself…
Abandon of all masks as you can ….
Among anger and lough
as same as water and fair ….
Among ill and health
As same as night and morning…

Travel in self , get out of The tiredness of life
Behaved child, and a live , then grow to live as child

Don’t let the darkness camping..
Light a candle, just as the sky ignites the stars to reflect the moon sunlight…

My story with law

It has been begun since I was teenager , I remember that day I have wanted to be  a different of all peers , On the other hand I had would like to discover the reality, So I decided read any newspaper to know what is happening around me .

The first thing attract me is politic article , Then civil cases of community, Afterwards poetry article , In that while I was confused due to multiple subjects also I busy in study .

In high school apparently I looked like a lawyer however I always prefer the poet style , In last year I accepted lawyer idea for many reasons -One of them I related the evolution of laws in Saudi Arabia – instead of poet idea.

In first year at university, I have known a lot of press articles and speeches were wrong .
The biggest mistake I have done it is news watched, how is that ? I don’t know, but still truth.

In next year I changed totally, to my mind I have been understanding Saudis lows since that year, and now I am working on huge project, it will be the greatest thing in law history as I hope.

This is my story with law , I always glad to hear any opinion or comment, best regards.

From A few make A lot

Newton said : The power -any power- does not extinct, But transfer from shape to shape .
So I believe this theory is able to apply on any things , Such as money it does not disappear , But transferred from personal property to another.

Same situation with ideas furthermore the writer bring it from his mind to reader mind who is building a new idea by his imagination .

Also look at culture and traditional which is individual inheritance of society, as same as the alternative medicine , it is a heart of traditional medicine .

Until creative moments , it was came while unconscious action after the transfer of idea of consciousness.