It is the bridge which connect among different cultures and people, So if it builds on right way , it will not drop down nor after while .

Furthermore the word is gate of peace , Also it is the sun of truths , And star to drove travelers in night , Or moon which is watch lovers every night .

It is For Rich and poor , And the source of human culture, Also it’s real investment , it made by treasure of Culture In order to reuse for free.

One word can be distractor and collector , However someone used to insult it !
By the way it is the cheapest price in press shops , they traded on it , Afterwards they bet in reaction of world .

I am not trader , Nor betting , But from “Honest Source” I import it.

The Unproud Peacock

Last week I was in Jordan with family , we were enjoying in short holiday, also we have spent great time

However we have rented an apartment , Instead of hotel ,Furthermore since we arrived to accommodation place I have been hearing strange voice in night and in early morning, I couldn’t know the source until now.

Today in morning I were seeing a peacock in alongside house garden of neighborhood, and that is first time I see it in nurture, But my father told me I saw it before in zoo when I was a child.

Anyway I see different thing in this peacock, it is not proud at all , I think it does not have any trust in itself!
Apparently it lives alone in big garden, it has not made reaction when the birds flay near it .
In my opinion its sold has injured , also has disappointed of life reality.
I don’t know who is the house owner, but I think he does not believe in freedom.