The aims value

Last week, I was working on my Podcast program. Actually, I faced some of the technical issues. However, I realized something more important than the podcast. What is this all about it? Why I do that? Then I remembered why I established this blog. It was simple at that moment.

I had established this blog to practice my English. I suppose that the podcast will be helpful to me. English for me is not a tool or just an additional language. It means another level in my career. I would like to mention that sometimes we drive away because we forget the aims. I have heard a lot of experts said we most put the target in someplace we can see it every day

Finally, If you had asked me last week “what is the great achievement in your life”, probably, I would answer I graduated from law school. But today, I will answer that I improved my English. It will come that day I can thank who help me to do that.

The fountain of youth

Would you like to live for a long time? Well, there some studies have conducted by the school of medicine at Boston Unversity. The participants are 70000 females and 1500 males, who also military veterans.

Those studies confirm a kind of relationship between the thinking way and live long. In brief, if you have positive thoughts, you will live for eight decades. On the other hand, if you have negative thoughts, your chance to live long will decrease around 11-15%. Researchers make a survey that can be able to assess the optimism levels of participants.

Finally, I believe that life is a big dream, we can make better. The anxiety would not solve any problem. The positive thinkers who make our life better. For example look at Edison, if he surrendered at the third attempt we would not have found electricity.

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Review The Cay: The Third chapter

Chapter three was big shocked for me and poor Phillip. Everything was wrong. Nothing worked as planned.

First of all, the “S.S. Hato” was torpedoed after tow days of left Panama. Passengers followed the officer’s instructions and directed them to lifeboats. In the meantime, Phillip was hit in his head. When he woke up he saw an old black man with a cat on the raft. He looked for the Hato and his mother, but nothing around him except blue sea and that accompany.

The black man called Timothy. He was strong, hopefully and very very old. Phillip thought him west Indian. That was so difficult for Phillip. There was not enough food or water. The young boy who could not leave his father lost his mother too.

There were a few short conversations between Phillip and Timothy. But was not normal neither comfortable. Phillip remembered What his mother said about black people, as I mention that she did not like them. Phillip also blamed her for everything that had happened. Later at night, Timothy hunted a raw fish and cut a pic for Phillip. But the young boy refused it. He thought for this reason his mother said there different!

The end

Review The Cay: The second chapter

Phillip became more careful and wondered about the war and Germans soldiers, as a result, he had wakened up all that night. In the meantime, his parents had discussed the ability to back home, of- course, Phillip`s father refused the whole idea, because of his work.

At the following days of that, everything on the island had been worst, the freshwater had finished, the vegetables were emptied.
Furthermore, some Chinese soldiers crewed. In other words, life was intolerable there.

After that, Grace had made her decision, she decided to take Phillip back home. Phillip`s father had not any choice, so he approved that. On the other hand, Phillip was so angry, anxious about that. But soon he realized that there was not an option.

In the early morning of Friday, Grace and her son had left the Curacao island on a ship called “S.S Hato” to Miami. That was not easy for poor Phillip. He would not like to abandon his father. All that tripe he stood on the roof and looked at Curacao direction, where his father there.

Review The Cay: The first chapter

In Curacao island, there was a child called Phillip. He was eleven years old, who heard a lot of war stories. as a result, He was so excited. Phillip’s parents had many controversies, The family life was not comfortable at all. Because Phillip`s mother who called Grace had a strong attitude from the whole Island moreover the war.

Also, when Phillip knew the enemies had arrived at the quiet and warm Caribbean. In that morning, Phillip and his Dutch peer Henrik had snuck toward Queen Emma bridge, where saw another curious people. That scene was unusual for them. At that moment, the young boys realized the real mean of war. After all that, the young boys felt frightened and run back home.

Grace had known something wrong that happened for Phillip from his body-language. When the father arrived home from the refinery where he worked, Grace told him what Phillip did. that night was so long, nervous and difficult. In the meantime, Phillip faced the deep fact of war. The first chapter end with a long conversation.

The Cay

I was reading a novel called The Cay, which was describing how the Philip family has lived in 1942.

Indeed, this was the first English novel I have ever read. For that reason, I was so excited, serious and a little curious. I want to catch the rhythm of English words.

Furthermore, I could not imagine I will follow the timeline of the actions and forget the English rhythm, because I had shocked after the first chapter finished, I wondered, what will happen for the Philip?

Afterward, I read it again to research for new words for me. As a result, thirty-six English words have noted. Until now, I could not believe myself how did it.