The aims value

Last week, I was working on my Podcast program. Actually, I faced some of the technical issues. However, I realized something more important than the podcast. What is this all about it? Why I do that? Then I remembered why I established this blog. It was simple at that moment.

I had established this blog to practice my English. I suppose that the podcast will be helpful to me. English for me is not a tool or just an additional language. It means another level in my career. I would like to mention that sometimes we drive away because we forget the aims. I have heard a lot of experts said we most put the target in someplace we can see it every day

Finally, If you had asked me last week “what is the great achievement in your life”, probably, I would answer I graduated from law school. But today, I will answer that I improved my English. It will come that day I can thank who help me to do that.

Another mean of beauty..

Dear Readers..

I am so sorry for my absence situations. I was traveling from time to time by a memory trip. I was looking for greatness beyond endless stages!

However, last a few days a friend told me about The songer Adele, and i listen to her songs actually a little of them, I like her voice, I think she collects between beauty & magnificence.

I hadn’t been imagined how i influenced by her song?! befor i heard it!

It was incredible, awesome, i am amazed.

the most song atract me is When we were young, oh my goodness, I am confused about my feel.

I had wondered :did i danced or cried ?!

Before i realized :

It was just a song

there wasn’t any wrong!!!



Just idea 💡

i couldn’t sleep well last week until now iam waking up for a day. i didn’t come hare to talk about sleep problems, because i am not Steve Harvey. i am here to talk about creative attitudes, i read that on Book By Dr. Harry Elder, He said When you have hard work just sit back and let your brain work. Because you used to do same things all the time, just give your self trust and you will do well! And that is my plan to face life, first time i didn’t die 🙂

afterwards i choose my award before i start.