The fountain of youth

Would you like to live for a long time? Well, there some studies have conducted by the school of medicine at Boston Unversity. The participants are 70000 females and 1500 males, who also military veterans.

Those studies confirm a kind of relationship between the thinking way and live long. In brief, if you have positive thoughts, you will live for eight decades. On the other hand, if you have negative thoughts, your chance to live long will decrease around 11-15%. Researchers make a survey that can be able to assess the optimism levels of participants.

Finally, I believe that life is a big dream, we can make better. The anxiety would not solve any problem. The positive thinkers who make our life better. For example look at Edison, if he surrendered at the third attempt we would not have found electricity.

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Review The Cay: The Third chapter

Chapter three was big shocked for me and poor Phillip. Everything was wrong. Nothing worked as planned.

First of all, the “S.S. Hato” was torpedoed after tow days of left Panama. Passengers followed the officer’s instructions and directed them to lifeboats. In the meantime, Phillip was hit in his head. When he woke up he saw an old black man with a cat on the raft. He looked for the Hato and his mother, but nothing around him except blue sea and that accompany.

The black man called Timothy. He was strong, hopefully and very very old. Phillip thought him west Indian. That was so difficult for Phillip. There was not enough food or water. The young boy who could not leave his father lost his mother too.

There were a few short conversations between Phillip and Timothy. But was not normal neither comfortable. Phillip remembered What his mother said about black people, as I mention that she did not like them. Phillip also blamed her for everything that had happened. Later at night, Timothy hunted a raw fish and cut a pic for Phillip. But the young boy refused it. He thought for this reason his mother said there different!

The end

The third anniversary

Dear Readers,

After twelve days, this blog is going to complete the third year. Certainly, I have completed the fiftieth article.

Actually, I am so happy, because now I am able to write many sentences with good grammar and spelling. That is a great achievement for me.

Now I am working on the content these days. Perhaps, there are some surprises in the way.

First step needs ambitious brain. If you see boundary around life, you will live in that.

Creatively projects become from imagination space not real world.

Another mean of beauty..

Dear Readers..

I am so sorry for my absence situations. I was traveling from time to time by a memory trip. I was looking for greatness beyond endless stages!

However, last a few days a friend told me about The songer Adele, and i listen to her songs actually a little of them, I like her voice, I think she collects between beauty & magnificence.

I hadn’t been imagined how i influenced by her song?! befor i heard it!

It was incredible, awesome, i am amazed.

the most song atract me is When we were young, oh my goodness, I am confused about my feel.

I had wondered :did i danced or cried ?!

Before i realized :

It was just a song

there wasn’t any wrong!!!



Just idea 💡

i couldn’t sleep well last week until now iam waking up for a day. i didn’t come hare to talk about sleep problems, because i am not Steve Harvey. i am here to talk about creative attitudes, i read that on Book By Dr. Harry Elder, He said When you have hard work just sit back and let your brain work. Because you used to do same things all the time, just give your self trust and you will do well! And that is my plan to face life, first time i didn’t die 🙂

afterwards i choose my award before i start.